Thursday, 20 October 2016

A very important part of the bookbinding process is drying time. Patience is a virtue; as I wait for glue to dry I will take the time to update my blog with current work and adventures.

Yesterday was the judgment day for the U.K Designer Bookbinders competition. Fingers crossed! The studio was closed so I took the opportunity to see the Wellcome Library and check out the reading room and wonderful exhibits. I found them both informative and inspirational. The reading room was curated with historic and modern materials, objects and paintings all on theme of medicine.

Wellcome Library Reading Room

The work on my miniature book commission is moving along and I have been preparing tests using materials for the cover. The leather will be hand dyed to achieve a colour not available in commercially produced leather, making it one of a kind. I created swatches on un-dyed goat to test colours and different dilutions.
Dye Swatch

After completing my mock up for the miniature rose I created 12 for the cover decoration to reflect the content of the text and represent the 12 princesses. These were done using a magnified set of tweezers and plenty of patience.

Miniature Leather Roses and Magnified Tweezers 
My next step is to begin work on the body leather for the binding and I look forward to sharing my results in the coming days.

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