Thursday, 27 October 2016

 I have really enjoyed working on this book and have found inspiration from the beautiful text and symbolic imagery. Rosanella is based around a fairy princess who is kidnapped and in her place twelve princesses are raised all bearing roses upon their throats. A fickle prince falls in love with each princess but cannot choose between them as they each hold distinctly different qualities. All twelve princesses are kidnapped and in their place, Rosanella appears with all the qualities of the princesses in one.

I used various experimental decorative techniques in this project including craquelle which creates abstract organic patterns to represent thorns and branches. I created roses out of very thinly pared leather pierced through the board forming buds in the endpapers. The endpapers are inspired by the bird that kidnaps Rosanella and leaves in her place 12 roses.

The highlight of this project so far has been working in miniature. I have found it an exciting way to challenge my skills, working in smaller dimensions and design constrains. I look forward to continuing this project with a decorative box inspired by the binding.

Book Description:

Ultra flat back book construction. Unsupported link stitch secondary sewn with full linen board attachment and skirting with ¾ hollow. Hand sewed endbands with Sunago edge decoration. Digitally printed leather jointed endpapers with edge-to-edge doublures.  Hand dyed fair goat with craquelle effect. Pierced board work including twelve handmade leather roses.  Design inspired by the twelve princesses bearing pink roses upon their throats and the representation of this flower as a symbol of romantic love.

Cover of Rosanella

Cover Detail of Roses

Endband and Sunago Edge Decoration


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